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Located in Allentown, Pennsylvania
Archery @ The Glenn is a family-owned and operated archery, bait, and tackle shop featuring a spacious indoor range and full service pro shop with certified technicians.


We offer a full range of sports and products for the archer and outdoors man, woman, and child:

  • Archery range
  • Full Service Pro Shop
  • Certified technicians and archery instructors
  • Hunter and Archer Leagues and Lessons
  • Fishing Tackle and Live Bait
  • Fishing and Hunting Licenses

*Rentals by appointment*

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We also offer a full range of fishing and archery products and are official retailers of these partners:


Fishing Equipment

Berkley Fishing Equipment PFLueger FishingFenwick Fishing Supplies

Archery Equipment and Accessories

We are a proud member of the Archery Trade Association